Giá: 11.470.000

The WF-8 is a versatile, two-way passive system designed for applications where high output is required from an ultra-compact enclosure. It features a 8” ferrite LF driver and a 1.4” ferrite HF driver. The horn is user rotatable to allow the WF-8 ‘s multi-angle enclosure to be used in either its vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on the application.

Performance, Bar, multipurpose hall, club, KTV, high-end entertainment facilities etc.

Model WF-8
Power Rated 180W; Peak: 360W
Configuration 8” ferrite LF driver, 50mm voice coil
1.4” ferrite HF driver, 34mm voice coil
Frequency Response 72-20KHz
Sensitivity 94dB W/M
Maximum SPL 118dB; Peak: 120dB
Nominal Impedance
Dimensions 445mm×260mm×275mm
Weight 15Kg

– Loa toàn dải: 8”       – LF driver : 8”     – HF driver : 1.4”
– Khối lượng: 15 kg.   – Tần số:72hz-20Khz.
– 180W – 360W / 8Ω   – 94dB  – 120dB.

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