Giá: 22.830.000

The high power WF-15 is a high performance, wide-bandwidth system in a compact and efficient package. Extended frequency response is provided by a new 15” ferrite LF driver and a new 1.75” ferrite HF driver mounted on a rotatable 80°×50°constant directivity HF horn. It’s perfect for high power applications where ease of installation, or speed of deployment, are important factors.

Indoor SHOU bar, house DJ club, fixed installations

Model WF-15
Power rated 400W (Peak: 1600W)
Frequency response 55Hz-20KHz ±3dB
Configuration LF 15” ferrite LF driver;  75mm voice coil
HF 1.75”ferrite HF driver
Sensitivity 99dB
Maximum SPL 124dB(continuous); 130dB(Peak)
Nominal Impedance
Dispersion 80°×50°
Dimensions 471mm×690mm×443mm
Weight 32.5kg

– Loa toàn dải: 15”             – LF driver : 15”        – HF driver : 1.75”
– Khối lượng: 32.5 kg.        – Tần số:55hz-20Khz.
– 400W – 1600W / 8Ω        – 99dB  – 130dB.

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