Giá: 13.590.000

The WF-10 is a versatile, two-way passive system, designed to provide exceptional sound reinforcement. It features a powerful 10” ferrite LF driver and a 1.75” ferrite HF driver mounted on a constant directivity 90°×50°horn. Depending on the application, the HF horn can be rotated to allow the multi-angle enclosure to be used in either its vertical or horizontal orientation.

Outdoor performances and indoor SHOU bar, house DJ club, installed setting system

Model WF-10
Power rated 200W;  Peak: 1200W
Frequency response 65Hz-18KHz±3dB
Configuration 10” ferrite LF driver  50mm voice coil
1.75” ferrite HF driver  44mm voice coil
Sensitivity 96dB
Maximum SPL 119dB(Continuous)
Nominal Impedance
Dispersion 90° × 50°
Dimensions 351mm×500mm×317mm
Weight 17kg

– Loa toàn dải: 10”         – LF driver : 10”          – HF driver : 1.75”
– Khối lượng: 17 kg.       – Tần số:65hz-18Khz.
– 200W – 1200W / 8Ω    – 96dB  – 125dB.

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