Powered Fullsize Arrayable 2-18

Powered Fullsize Arrayable 2-18″ Subwoofer

The VT4880ADP Full Size Powered Dual 18″ Arrayable Subwoofer is designed to deliver highquality reinforcement of VLF (Very Low Frequency) musical information for a variety of applications including concert audio, corporate A/V and theatrical presentations of all types for both portable users and performance-venue applications. Ideal companion to VT4889ADP full size powered three-way systems.

  • JBL DrivePack®DP3-electronics package with robust high efficiency Class-I power
  • Modular bay is fitted with DPDA digital audio input module, featuring BSS OmniDrive HD signal processing. Also accepts basic (non-networked, analog) dbx input module or optional Crown networked input modules.
  • World-wide AC line voltages automatically selected for 50 or 60 Hz
  • New 2269G Advanced Technology Components: Differential Drive®Neodymium Magnet, Dual Voice Coil, Direct Cooled™ cone transducers with Ultra-Long Excursion capabilities
  • JBL PlyMax®engineered wood materials provide rigid, yet lightweight enclosure
  • Rugged DuraFlex™ exterior finish; weatherized loudspeaker cones
  • Patented, integrated S.A.F.E. suspension system with premium heat-treated alloys
  • For use in stand alone arrays or in combination with other VERTEC system models
System Type Full-Size Powered Ultra Long Excursion Dual 18″ Arrayable Subwoofer, Integrated AudioSystem
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 25 Hz – 160 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 29 Hz – 120 Hz
Maximum Peak Output 143 dB SPL, 1m (half-space ground-based application)

137 dB SPL, 1m (free-field, suspended application)

Low Frequency Two 2269G, 457 mm (18 in) dia., 100 mm (4 in) Dual Coil, Differential Drive®, Direct Cooled™
Bandpass Nominal Impedance 4 ohms (each driver)
DP3 Internal Amplification

Output (at load)

6900 W Peak, 3500 W Continuous
DP3 Output Topology 2-Channel, Class-I
Signal Processing dbx Type IV Conversion System, precision bandpass filters, limiting, preequalization filters and automatic self-test functions
System Management DSP based limiters for mechanical and thermal protection
Signal Input F-XLR Active 20k Ohms Balanced, 10k Ohms Unbalanced
Signal Loop-Through M-XLR (passive pass-through)
Controls Precision 0.5dB increment 16 dB input attenuator (DPIP only)
AC Power Operating Range Auto Select 90-132/VAC 50/60 Hz
AC Line Voltage 50/60 Hz, Auto-Detect; 120V/240V (-15%, +10%)
AC Input Connector

AC Power Loop-thru

Neutrik PowerCon (NAC3MPA)

Neutrik PowerCon (NAC3MPB)

AC Current Requirement 15A per system at 120V, 7.5A per system at 240V
Box Construction Wedge frustum 5 degree side angle enclosure. PlyMax™ engineered wood composite structure, DuraFlex finish, 8 handles
Suspension System Patented S.A.F.E.™ hardware, integral hinge bars nest in suspension frames on enclosure sides (ends). Quick release pins with restraining lanyards. Set of 4 hinge bars included. Suspend with VT4889-AF or VT4889-SF Array Frame.
Grille Black perforated steel, foam backed
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1229 mm X 493 mm X 1011 mm (48.4 in x 19.4 in x 39.8 in)
Net Weight 99.4 kg (219 lb)
Shipping Weight 116.7 kg (257 lb)

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