18 in. High Power Flying Subwoofer

18 in. High Power Flying Subwoofer

The VRX918S is a compact, high power suspendable subwoofer system containing a 2268H neodymium magnet, patented Differential Drive®, 18″ woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure.

  • Integral rigging hardware for simple connection of VRX932LA line-arrays and optional array frame.
  • 18 inch, 2268H Differential Drive® woofer for extended low-frequency output
  • Large port area for reduced distortion
  • 20 mm threaded pole socket for solid, secure satellite speaker mounting
  • Live performance systems.
  • Mobile and fixed DJ systems.
  • Sound system rental and tour.
  • Permanent installations.
Power Rating 800 W / 1600 W / 3200 W
Frequency Range 31 Hz – 220 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 508 mm x 597 mm x 749 mm (20.0 in x 23.5 in x 29.5 in)
Frequency Response 34 Hz – 220 Hz
Recommended Crossover Frequencies 80 Hz, 24 dB / octave HPF
80 Hz, 24 dB / octave LPF
System Maximum SPL 130 dB SPL peak
System Sensitivity 95 dB SPL
LF Driver 1 x JBL 2268H 457 mm (18 in) Differential Drive woofer
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Active Tunings Tunings available at www.jblpro.com
Enclosure Rectangular, 18 mm, 13-ply birch plywood
Suspension / Mounting Optional VRX932LA-AF line array frame kit or 10mm eyebolt
Finish Black DuraFlex™ finish
Grille Powder coated, black, 16-gauge perforated steel with acoustical transparent charcoal foam backing.
Input Connectors Neutrik® Speakon® NL-4 (x2)
Net Weight 37 kg (81 lb)
Optional Accessories SRX718S-CVR: Pull-over padded cover
SS4-BK: Adjustable, heavy-duty pole, M20 thread to 35 mm
WK-4: Caster kit
VRX-AF: Array Frame Kit
M-10 eyebolt kit

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