Loa KF-12+

Loa KF-12+

Giá: 22.830.000

KF-12+ is a passive two-way full-range speaker which is specially designed for
entertainment facilities. It composes of a 12-inch imported LF unit and a 1.75-inch LF
driver made with high precision processing. So KF-12+ performs with solid low
frequency and clean exquisite high frequency.

Applications: KTV room, private club, etc.

Model KF-12+
Type 12-inch two-way full-range speaker,
Configuration 12”(75mm) ferrite LF driver
1.75”(44mm) ferrite HF driver
Frequency response 58Hz-19KHz
Power rated 400
Sensitivity 98dB
Maximum SPL 130db
Nominal Impedance
Dispersion 100°× 100°
Connectors 2 × speakonNL4
Hanging kites 4 × M8 flying inserts
Dimensions 602mm×352mm×400mm
Net weight 20kg

– 2 đường tiếng, toàn dải (full-range) : 12”
– LF driver : 12”            – HF driver : 1.75”        – Khối lượng: 20 kg.
– Tần số:58hz-19Khz.  – 400W / 8Ω     – 98dB  – 130dB.

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