Giá: 8.280.000

dsp9500 da nang

dsp9500 da nang

◎255MHz main frequency, 96KHz sampling frequency, 24 bit A/D and D/A converter, 32 bit DSP processor.
◎6 balanced output channels, can be flexible with the power op-amp.
◎HPF and LPF are for MIC input channels, 15 bands PEQ is for MIC and music.
◎7 PEQ, crossovers, audio route, polarity, delay, limiter and gain are for main outputs.
◎5 PEQ, crossovers, audio route, polarity, delay, limiter and gain are for center, SUB and surround outputs.
◎USB connector is available with PC software.
◎The last save state will be used when it is on.
◎10 preset and 10 user settings are available and 1 key to factory setting.
◎2 levels lock function.
◎Singing and hot-dancing mode can be switched automatically.
◎Dimensions: 483mm×218.5mm×47.5mm
◎Net weight: 3.5kg
◎Applications: Karaoke

– 24bit A/D     – 32bit DSP processor
– khối lượng : 3.5kg
– Setup bằng phần mềm PC.

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