• V-S10

    A 10” LF driver and two 1” HF drivers are housed in the V-10 top, which produces rich bass and clear HF. The flying system is contained within the confines of the cabinet so that there are no protruding parts during transport. Applications: Theaters; Stadiums; Clubs; Halls; Churches; Tour shows. Model V-10 Configuration 1×10”LF;  2×1”HF […]

    Giá: 31.850.000
  • V-S15

    Passive high-power 15” Sub woofer is designed for use with V-10 speaker in both touring and installation applications. It features a 1200W 15” sub-sonic driver with suspension engineered for linear excursion. Applications: Theatrical sound reinforcement; Stadiums; Clubs; Halls; Tour shows Model V-S15 Configuration 1 × 15” Frequency response(±3dB) 40-350Hz Power(Program/Peak) 1200W/2000W Nominal Impedance 8Ω Sensitivity […]

    Giá: 26.540.000
  • V-S30

    The V-S30 contains two 15” LF drivers and performs outstanding for use with the V-10. It extends the low frequency operating range of the combined system to 32Hz and provides exceptional low frequency impact. Applications: Theatrical sound reinforcement; Stadiums; Clubs; Halls; Tour shows Model V-S30 Configuration 2×15” LF Frequency response(±3dB) 32Hz-200Hz Power(Program/Peak) 2000W/4000W Nominal Impedance […]

    Giá: 31.850.000
  • Loa Q1

    High quality and unique drivers deliver exceptional performance. The low frequency comprises two 10” voice coil neodymium magnet drivers and the 110°×40° HF section of the Q1 features a neodymium 3” driver. The enclosure applies the multi-layer plywood and it’s finished by environmental protection coating. Applications: Stadiums, Theater, Hall room, Touring, Portable application; Churches Model […]

    Giá: 33.970.000
  • Loa Q-SUB

    With an operating range of 40Hz-300Hz, Q-SUB houses a long throw high precision 18” LF driver. It achieves the ultimate in sub woofer performance and delivers very high output levels and superb transient performance with minimal distortion. Applications: Stadiums, Theater, Hall room, Touring, Portable application. Model Q-SUB Driver 18” LF driver Frequency Response 40Hz-300Hz Power […]

    Giá: 26.540.000
  • Loa C-10F

    Có vẻ thiết kế ổn định và thanh lịch, điểm chớp cháy xanh sơn nước dựa trên, để thay đổi hộp chuyên nghiệp truyền thống ngu si đần độn, để tích hợp tốt hơn vào trang trí nội thất. Không chỉ để chịu được sản lượng điện áp cao âm thanh cao, mà còn giọng […]

    Giá: 14.650.000
  • Loa AD-6210

    Sử dụng hai công suất cao woofer 10 inch, hai bên lụa tầm trung, hai giai điệu cao. Midrange tweeter lần lượt được sắp xếp theo hai bên trái và phải 30 °, một sự can thiệp lẫn nhau nhỏ giữa loa, bóp méo giai đoạn thấp, directivity rộng, âm thanh mềm mại và tinh […]

    Giá: 13.800.000
  • Loa AD-6208

    AD6208 tám inch đôi toàn dải loa thiết kế bằng cách sử dụng tần số thứ ba; giai điệu ngọt ngào, phạm vi rộng, là một cao cấp và phong cách KTV hộp đêm thiết kế loa, một mô hình kết hợp có thể linh hoạt, đáp ứng các khu vực khác nhau phòng và […]

    Giá: 12.740.000
  • Loa KTS-930

    Advanced techniques from Taiwan and unique design are applied in this speaker. KTS-930 features a conic horn high frequency driver, 5-inch paper cone mid frequency with penetrable sound, 61-core 10-inch imported paper cone woofer. The voice coil with small diameter minimizes the vibration, optimizes the transient and improves the sensitivity. It carries out excellent sonic […]

    Giá: 10.090.000
  • Loa KTS-850

    KTS-850 features 10” light high power rating drive bass unit, four ɸ 13 core paper cone HF drivers. It has fashionable appearance with dust-proof steel grille.Frequency divider can optimize power rating and performance of voice. The unique sound protective technology can protect the HF driver effectively,prevent from breaking off by over running of power rating. […]

    Giá: 9.770.000
  • Loa AK-10B

    ◎Design for KTV and karaoke ◎Streamline speaker box structure,arc-shaped three-dimensional appearance ◎Enclosure is formed by leather and black texture finish ◎Large instantaneous output powerful,strong LF ◎Light weighted speaker box,easy to be sat up ◎10” LF loudspeaker Applications: KTV, entertainment facilities Model AK-10B Configuration 10” Type Three-way five-driver X’ Over Freq 3KHz-9KHz Frequency Response 48Hz-20KHz Load […]

    Giá: 8.280.000
  • Loa OK-470

    ◎Designed for KTV and karaoke. ◎Unique design and attractive appearance ◎Powerful low frequency and high instantaneous power ◎Rich, crystal, enchanting sound ◎10” low frequency and four paper cones of mid frequency ◎Perform perfectly under pushed by 220W-300W amplifier Colors: All Black, Silver white Recommended AMP: FU-300 HS-7220KA, CA-300, LA-300 Applications: KTV, karaoke, mini bar, etc. […]

    Giá: 10.620.000
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