• FU-2350

    Microphone Input sensitivity/ Input impedance 9MV/ 10K 7 bands PEQ (57Hz/134Hz/400Hz/1KHz/2.5KHz/6.3KHz/10KHz) ±10dB Frequency response 1KHz/ 0dB: 20Hz/-1dB; 22KHz/-1dB Music Input sensitivity/ Input impedance 220MV/ 10K 7 bands PEQ (57Hz/134Hz/400Hz/1KHz/2.5KHz/6.3KHz/16KHz) ±10dB The digital modulation series ±5 series THD ≦0.05% Frequency response 20Hz-22KHz/-1dB SUB frequency response 20Hz-22KHz/-1dB Dimensions 485mm×390mm×90mm

    Giá: 11.680.000
  • FU-300 và FU-500

    ◎Comprehensive upgrade, more powerful functions, higher power, more beautiful sound effect. ◎2 levels panel lock function. Lock level is adjustable. PC software can be lock as well. ◎16 groups system memory function, including 8 groups preset, 8 groups self effect. The boot data is the last saved parameters. ◎Tunable mid-frequency that makes the sound soft […]

    Giá: 9.500.000 - 13.500.000